About Me

hey there.

Hello, my name is Peter. I am an interactive designer, an art director and a celebrator of chicken wings. For the past couple years, I’ve honed my craft with Olson and before that Digitas, designing for web and mobile for Target, GMC and Aflac. My goal is be surrounded by creative and intelligent people while creating intriguing ads, memorable identities and life-long relationships.

When I was young, my family traversed the Midwest in search of the finest durum wheat, finally settling in Jamestown, ND. It was under the gaze of the World’s Largest Buffalo that I developed my creativity by building water-powered rockets, playing clever(ish) pranks, and just generally being nerdy on the fledgling internet. Funded in part by a local bowling scholarship, I set off to the big city of St. Paul, MN where I would gain a degree in creative advertising from the University of St Thomas. After a brief and ill-conceived career in IT support, I enrolled in Miami Ad School. While there I studied how to make great ads, and stretched the limits of my liver.

I now reside in Robbinsdale with my lovely wife, Erin, where we spend our time furniture shopping and she tolerates my chicken wing review website, WingCities.com.

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